Scourge of the Five Points

Voices heard after midnight

Defeating skellies and creepy camps

Our party was in a dire spot, the fighter down, the barbarian nowhere to be found, and the druid surrounded by skeletons. But that would not be for long. In a swift move of action, Patron found in her the spirit of the brown bear and shape shifted, quickly dispatching the surrounding hoard.
A few swift moves from Lyra and Oakram and the rest of the skeletons were down. The bard and the cleric worked together and healed everyone, and the group was off to search the camp for the missing dwarf.
A quick search of the camp found and unconscious Baylore lying in a iron cage, with two other men, one long dead and the other recently dead with a sword wound in his back. The group guessed it was the Felonmir trader, John. After freeing the dwarf, the group started carefully searching the camp.
The camp consisted of 4 quadrants; military barracks where they found a note in a language they couldn’t read and smatterings of blue paint (Ana suggested that it was warpaint); a quadrant of mud and stick huts, most likely for goblins and bugbears; a rocky terrain where giant foot prints were found next to medium and large footprints; and a series of caves, with the comings and goings of small, lizard like footprints. All of the footprints found in the other quadrants lead to the caves, apparently in a mass exodus.
In the center of the camp, the group found a circle of glyphs set into a stone slab, emanating magic. Patron cast Detect Magic and surmised that it was conjuration magic and was most likely for teleportation.
The center hut, a building made of good, sturdy lumber, held a few clues to who was running the camp. They found books on war tactics, stories of ancient wars, and a loose page from what seemed to be a personal journal, talking about making a pact with a great unknown power.
After exploring the camp, the party set out to return to Tevir and report their findings to the Duchery. After hailing for Ronid, The lady of Tevir received the group and took note of everythnig they had to tell her, her face growing dimmer and dimmer as they spoke. She drew very solemnly on the journal page they found, as it indicated they were dealing with an evil Warlock with a small army of goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, orcs, ogres, kobolds and at least one giant.
She asked the group to go report the magic to her head wizard, Reince, and he would report back to her. She said would convene with her strategists and asked the party to stay in Tevir as she may still require their help. The party agreed and left to find shelter at the Iron Forge Inn, stopping briefly at the Duchery’s Watch to speak with Reince.
After a night of carousing with the tavern’s folk, some of the party left to sleep, while others stayed and got drunk. As the evening came to a close, a very drunken Baylore, whilst stumbling up the stairs to his room, heard a voice come from the depths of his mind, telling him to stay quiet and not tell his friends. The voice said he would be called upon someday.
And that’s where we left our story.


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