Scourge of the Five Points

Exploring the camp

and maybe one cave...

The sun crested high in the sky as the party discussed the best tactics for getting into the camp. After a lengthy dialogue it was decided that Patron would shape shift into a mouse and lead Tina into the camp to explore. Following slowly behind the two animals would be Baylore, wearing the Hat of Disguise and looking like a goblin.

The three separately entered the camp, nervous about triggering the alarm spell that surrounded the camp, and started to explore. Entrance to the camp lead the adventurers into a rocky terrain with large boulders providing good cover. Patron and Tina began exploring the rocks and happened upon a cave large enough for most creatures to fit into. The two animals started descending the cave, finding signs of activity but no one around.

Goblin Baylore chose not to explore the boulders, favoring the open field to the south of the camp. As he ventured in, he discovered small mounds of mud and sticks grouped together. He also found a large structure with four stone pillars and a circular engraving covered in strange glyphs in the center. South of the structure was a wooden building with a pile of bones on the corner adjacent to the structure.

Peering into a window, Baylore saw a figure that he had only heard about, the faceless man in the blue cloak, accompanied with another man, scrawny and pale, in dark black robes, both exiting the building. Trying to sneak away, Goblin Baylore was spotted and immediately discovered. The pile of bones sprung to life, forming large skeletons that towered over him. Turning and running, Baylore reached for one of the vials of dust of disappearance, uncorked it and dashed himself. However, the skeletons rushed after and bumped into the now invisible figure, swinging wildly and hitting him. Three crackling blue energy beams pelted the dwarf in the back, knocking him unconscious.

After discovering what seemed to be a mundane cave, Patron and Tina left to explore the camp more. Upon reaching the open field that bordered the boulders, Tina went on high alert, tensing and looking across the field then back to the entrance of the camp, toward her ranger, Lyra. Patron climbed up Tina’s leg and gently tried to get her to go in the direction of the field, but Tina started running back towards Lyra. Patron leapt off the panther’s head and started scurrying across the field. Not wanting to disobey her ranger, Lyra changed direction and followed Patron.

Being as quiet as they could, the mouse and the cat crept across the field, finding a now visible Baylore unconscious and being dragged away by skeletons. Patron and Tina sneaked up to the wooden building. However, the robed and cloaked figures spotted Tina and, taking her for a random panther, quickly rendered her unconscious.

Getting antsy waiting outside the camp, the large white dragonborn prodded the group, asking to ditch the plan of stealth in favor of action. Ana was unswayed, but Lyra and Oakram were unsure. Bamf entreated Oakram, asking him to commune with his god for an answer. The cleric took a few minutes and meditated, praying to Kiri-Jolith, the Bison of Heaven, for an answer. Receiving nothing more than a feeling, Oakram was swayed, saying that he felt that Kiri-Jolith was saying action was needed. Lyra joined and Ana was out voted, but asked for caution as they approached the camp.

After the men dispatched Tina, they reentered the house. Patron climbed the wall, up to the window and looked inside. However, hearing nothing more than reverberations through the glass, Patron decided to look for a mouse hole into the building, successfully finding one on the rear side of the structure.

As Patron scurried across the floor, hugging the wall where it met the ground, the two men noticed her. The faceless man called out to her, indicating that he knew she was a druid and telling the her to come out and face her doom. Patron narrowly escaped their search by hiding in the cracks of the wall of the building.

After crossing under the arch, the four adventurers approached the camp, deciding to forego the obvious entrance and circled south, sneaking along the border wall. Spotting small and large huts, the four decided they would provide good cover and hopped the wall into the camp, rushing to the huts as swiftly as they could. Seeing that the fire pits were smoldered, and no smoke was rising from them, the group safely assumed that no one was around. Going from hut to hut for cover, the small group saw the wooden building and the familiar form of Tina lying unconscious on the ground. A quick word from Ana and the cat sprang back to life and ran to join the group.

Patron, seemingly alone, made a dash to the main entrance she originally came into the camp, hoping to find her friends and try to rescue Baylore. Upon shifting out of the mouse form, her visual take on the camp rapidly changed. She could see much clearer and at greater distances. Observing the camp, Patron saw the familiar gold glow of a healing spell being cast on what she knew was Tina’s body. Throwing caution to the wind, Patron turned heel and ran towards her friends, only to be stopped as the faceless man and the man in black robes came out of the building.

With a seeming standoff about to happen, Bamf decided to get the element of surprise and attacked the cloaked man, shooting him with her crossbow.The faceless man said a casual word to the man in black, and a pitch black door appeared behind the cloaked man. He stepped inside and the door winked out of existence.

The man in black, spoke an unintelligible word and the skeletons sprang to life once more. The battle had begun.

And that is where our story pauses.


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