Scourge of the Five Points

Our story begins

In a small village in the western region of Five Points, our story begins, as most good stories do, in a tavern.

Our heroes, a group of seven unsuspecting adventurers, each with a unique set of skills and trades, have all come to Felonmir for one reason or another and found their way to the only tavern in this small, dusty town. Some have come from Tevir, the city a day’s travel to the east; some have come from Eintev, the major port city to the south; others have come on their own seeking answers or adventure.

After meeting each other and finding that several of the others hold a familiar pamphlet, a parchment asking for help and offering a reward and vague clues to the problem at hand, the group are introduced to Tom Ruggle, the mayor of Felonmir. After demanding secrecy, Tom explained the problem. Raiders of unknown origins have been attacking caravans of goods heading from the town to Tevir, looting the carts and killing those unfortunate enough not to get away. He is looking for mercenaries capable of defending his caravan and delivering the goods to Tevir. He is also seeking answers if they can be found.

The party, strong at heart (and some looking for the reward), take on the task at hand. They set off for Tevir the next morning. Not long into the days journey, as Tom had expected, the party is attacked by goblins and a bugbear. The creatures are no match for the strength of the party and are quickly dispatched, killing all of them sans one, a lowly goblin whom the rogue knocked unconscious.

This is where our story pauses.


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