Scourge of the Five Points

Into the Ring

Meeting the Duchery

After waking up and having a warm meal at the inn, the party set out to go to the ring, both to talk to Ronid and to get their money from the treasury. The group approached the portcullis and was stopped, asking for transit papers. They informed the guard of why they were here and he sent for Ronid.

Sergeant-of-the-Guard Ronid Greatfist is an impressively large half-orc. He ushered the party into a small room, deep in the guard barracks of the ring, and had them inform him of what they had heard. The group told him of the cloaked man and the camp, to which he met with stoicism. After the party was finished telling him everything, they were released on two day passes in and out of the city and the ring, but told to meet Ronid at the portcullis at noon, and not to be late.

This gave the group time to go around to the different shops, but they soon realized they were limited by their temporary passes. The Ring contained an armory and smith, the treasury, the Duchery’s Guard barracks, the Duchery’s Watch barracks (which included a small magic shop and alchemist), the Duchery’s library, and a temple of Pelor.

After perusing the shops, the group met back with Ronid and he proceeded to tell them they had an audience with the Duchery herself.

Ronid ushered the group into the castle’s throne room, where a tall, tawny skinned woman sat atop an elegant throne, flanked by a sharply dressed man in blue who sat to her left. A couple, part of the aristocracy of the land judging by their haughty nature, were in audience as well. As the group came forward, the countess noticed the jewelry that Bamf was wearing, recognizing it as her own, and offering Bamf a reward for it’s return.

The countess told the party of a raiding party that took her jewelry a few seasons passed. The group then told the Duchery what they had told Ronid about the cloaked man and the camp of creatures. The smartly dressed man introduced himself as the Quinset Delegate of Tevir, Rohaim Shao, and said he was quite disturbed by this camp, but reminded the Duchery that she couldn’t, without authorization, move her Guard outside of the city without breaking the Five Points pact, as any military movement could be seen as an act of aggression towards the other cities in the region.

The Duchery asked the group to be her eyes and ears and to gather information about the camp, giving them a reward, royal passes to the city, and a Magic Hand Cone as assistance. The group agreed and set off. As they were leaving, Delegate Shao stopped them at the palace entrance and gave them an Ioun Stone of Reserve as an aid.

The group with new passes in hand set out to shop and to rest.

That is where our story pauses.


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