Scourge of the Five Points

Into Tevir

Who the hell is John?

Patron crossed the alarm spell threshold and reformed into her half-elf form and informed the party of what she saw. Knowing full well that a camp full of orcs, ogres, bugbears, goblins and who knows what else would be too much for the small party to handle, the group decided to head back to the carts and complete the trip to Tevir.

After a small snafu and battle with a few goblins and a owlbear, which did some serious damage to Baylore, the party found their concealed carts and horses and continued east to the city. After nearly a day of travel, with the Sun behind them, the party came up to the gates of the drawbridge that protected Tevir.

The gate guard gave the group directions to the lumberyards, where they went and sold the goods that they had transported. After speaking with the lumberyards manager Connor, who asked where the normal transporter John was, they made their way to the grainers and did the same. Both places provided the party with promissory notes with wax seals instead of gold, directing the group to the ring, the protected inner city for the affluent and city protected businesses.

Realizing it was getting late, the group found an inn, The Iron Forge Inn, procured rooms and started drinking in the tavern. Talking with Lyrial , a large half-orc that owned the inn, the party was told to talk to his friend, a high ranking member of the Duchery’s Guard named Ronid, and he would help them out with the problem of the cloaked man.

The party rested and that’s where our story pauses.


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