Scourge of the Five Points

Finding the Camp

Birds are fun to talk to.

After looting the bodies, and finding an unusual amount of gold and jewelry, the party woke and questioned the sole surviving goblin. A cowardly creature, the goblin told the party about the camp, deep into the forest north of the road, asking to be let go and left alive. He told the group about what he knew, a man in a cloak commanded the camp, which consisted of many various types of creatures.

After the goblin told the party everything he knew, Milo, growing tired of the goblin, slit his throat. The group cleared the road of the bodies and hid the caravans in the forest, setting off north into the woods in search of the camp.

The party found the path that the goblin had told them about, but decided it would be safer to travel through the woods parallel to the path, getting the drop on two different patrols of goblins and bugbears, easily defeating them. Again, after looting the bodies of the creatures, they party found more gold and jewelry, leading them to believe that the goblins had attacked other wealthy caravans at some other point.

At the end of the path, the group found a man-made clearing and what seemed to be an entrance guarded by six large orcs. They decided it would be best to avoid the fight and tried to find a way in else where. Staying in the safety of the woods, the party searched to the west of the entrance, but only found more of the clearing. Patron, the druid, performed a ritual to detect magic, finding that the clearing was protected by what seemed to be an alarm spell.

After observing the area for a bit, the group noticed birds flying in and out of the protected area and decided to talk to a bird. Patron found a small sparrow and talked with it, discovering that, according to the bird, the camp was very large and filled with many different creatures. Guessing that any small creature could breach the barrier unnoticed, Patron shape-shifted into a field mouse and crossed into the camp, seeing for the first time on her own a man in a dark blue cloak and hood, with a face shrouded in darkness.

This is where our story pauses.


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