Scourge of the Five Points

A walk through the forest

How to build a bridge

After a night of drinking and carousing with the locals at the Iron Forge Inn, our party set off to investigate attacks on the North Road of Tevir, as described by Earl and Countess Fehlrona.

For much of the morning, the party saw the extensive farmlands that feed the city give way to expansive grasslands. The country side north of Tevir, filled with gentle hills covered in long, brown grass, were showing signs of the harvest season soon coming to an end.

About mid-day, they passed Joret and Mags Tiller, farmers from Elo’s Glen. The party took some time to talk to the farmers and questioned them about the reported attacks on travelers. While Joret and Mags had not personally been attacked, Mags had heard from the baker’s wife that other travelers from Elo’s Glen had been attacked. Joret personally didn’t buy into the stories much, but conceded that bandits were not a rare occurrence on the North Road. Joret gave the party loose directions to Elo’s Glen and they said their goodbyes.

After about an hour more, the party happened upon a traveling gnome named Hargoni Timberweed, an old bard who seemed to possess some knowledge of the illusionary magics. The party spoke to him at length, trading him a story for a story. Ana told him of the cloaked man, a figure who hid his face with magic. Hargoni had never heard of this man, but he promised to start telling the story in inns. The wily, white-haired gnome recalled his travels and told Bamf about a white dragon with blue eyes that he had seen in Malocazan approximately five years before. He couldn’t say much more as he didn’t spend time with the dragonborn, but he did say she seemed well.

Hargoni offered to sell the group an enchanted map that would give them the layout of the area north and west of Tevir. With the transaction done and the stories traded, in a flash of light the little gnome set off for the city again.

After reviewing the newly acquired map, the party came to the conclusion that the raiders must be coming from the same camp they had discovered a few days before. With this in mind, they decided it was better to head off the main road and straight for the camp, resting just outside the forest as night fell. As the sun rose, the party ate and collected their things, heading into the forest in search for the camp.

The party traversed the woods with ease and soon came upon the Montriv. The party searched the banks, finding half of a crossing bridge at a narrow spot in the river. Baylore unmodestly stripped down and jumped into the river, swimming across to search the far side. After a few minutes, Baylore was able to find the other half of the bridge. Working together, the party connected the bridge and sent the panther Tina, with a rope in her mouth, across. The majority of the party crossed with little issue. Lyra, being the last of the party to cross, untied the rope and started her trek over the rushing water. Halfway across the bridge, Lyra’s foot slipped and she tumbled into the river. Luckily, the halfling had tied the end of the rope around her and Baylore and Bamf pulled her easily to the shore.

The party safely on the other side of the river, continued to delve deeper into the forest. After another hour or so, they came upon a familiar sight, a gentle slope and a man-made clearing. Patron performed a ritual and spotted the magic dome of the alarm spell. They had found the camp. The party decided to head south around the camp to look for the entrance they had seen before, but soon happened upon a new, unfamiliar, seemingly unguarded entrance.

This is where our story pauses.


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