Welcome to Five Points.

On the continent of Alglasia, nestled away in a valley between the Spir Mountains and the Drakemuni Sea, the area known as the Five Points exists in a tenuous peace. Almost thirty years ago, the five cities – Eintev, Tevir, Ungarul, La’utell’kassir, and Malocazan – came together and signed a peace accord called the Five Points Pact, creating the ruling body called the Quinset and ushering in nearly three decades of prosperity. Each of the five cities sends forth a delegate to the crossroads city of Risette to represent their interests in the basin, negotiate trade and to quash any resistance that may upset the delicate balance of peace.

Far off to the west or Risatte, the small town of Felonmir has been having trouble shipping their goods to Tevir, a human city with a decidedly dark history. For several seasons goods like lumber and grain have been going missing along the West Road. A plan was hatched by Felonmir mayor Tom Ruggle to seek the aid of adventurers and mercenaries to protect this seasons shipment and to find answers as to who has been attacking their caravans.

This is where our story begins.

Scourge of the Five Points

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